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View from Anilao

Anilao Proper and Anilao East are two barangays in the municipality of Mabini, Batangas, the Philippines. They are located south of Manila on the large island of Luzon, at the southern end of the Calumpang Peninisula facing Maribacan Island.


Anilao is popular with divers and snorkelers. The waters surrounding the area are teeming with marine life, plenty of corals and amazing diversity of fishes.[1]

The northwest shore of the Calumpang Peninsula, from Anilao to Bagalangit, is lined with local resorts that cater primarily to local tourists. Although the beach at Anilao is not recommended for swimming, thatched bamboo rafts, rustic cabins and picnic cabanas are available for rental at local resorts. From these resorts, you can also rent a boat for island hopping and visit the diving spots, coves, and islands like the Sombrero and Maricaban islands.

Getting there[edit]

With its niche popularity among divers, Anilao is no longer as difficult for visitors to get to as in the past. It is accessible by sea or land. From Manila, one can typically get to Anilao by taking a bus bound for Batangas City (Buendia terminal) and asking the conductor for drop off at the Mabini/Bauan jeepney terminal. By request, a Mabini jeepney driver will then take passengers to the Mabini dock area. From the Mabini docks, visitors can hire a driver to any one of the resorts.



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Coordinates: 13°45′N 120°55′E / 13.750°N 120.917°E / 13.750; 120.917