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Location of Animas within New Mexico
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Animas, New Mexico

Animas is a census-designated place in west central Hidalgo County, New Mexico, United States, in the southwestern corner of the state. It lies at the intersection of State Roads 9 and 338, south of the city of Lordsburg, the county seat.[1] Its elevation is 4,406 feet (1,343 m), and it is located at 31°56′56″N 108°48′26″W / 31.94889°N 108.80722°W / 31.94889; -108.80722 (31.9489799, -108.8072777).[2] Although Animas is unincorporated, it has a post office which opened in 1909.[3] The community has the ZIP code of 88020;[4] the ZCTA for ZIP Code 88020 had a population of 1,063 at the 2000 census.[5]

Founded around 1753 by the Spanish,[6] Animas became part of the newly independent country of Mexico in 1821.[7] Unlike most of New Mexico, Animas was not part of the Mexican Cession after the Mexican–American War ended; it is located in the area sold to the United States with the Gadsden Purchase of 1853.[8]

Animas is an isolated ranching community. It is located in the valley bounded by the Peloncillo Mountains on the west and the Pyramid Mountains and Animas Mountains on the east. It is situated just west of the Continental Divide[1] and is approximately thirty miles from Lordsburg, the nearest significant population center.[6] Smaller communities closer to Animas include Cotton City, Playas, and Rodeo.[1] Animas lies in a region rich in Native American history -- twenty-one different archeological sites in the Animas area are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[9]


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Coordinates: 31°56′56″N 108°48′26″W / 31.94889°N 108.80722°W / 31.94889; -108.80722