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Anna Duritskaya (born 27 November 1991) is a Ukrainian fashion model.[1][2] She was a finalist for Miss Ukraine Universe in 2018.[3][4]

On 27 February 2015, she survived, as sole eyewitness to the assassination of Boris Nemtsov. [5][6][7] Duritskaya had been in a relationship for over two years with Boris Nemtsov, a leading opposition figure to Vladimir Putin, and Russian military intervention in Ukraine. She was held under house arrest by Russian police following the murder.[8] The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, stated that it had intervened to secure her release and return from Moscow. [9] Pro-Putin Russian news agencies had claimed, that she was forced by Nemtsov to have an abortion in Switzerland,[10] in an attempt to implicate her and the SBU,[11] in Nemtsov's murder.[12][13]

On returning to Kiev, Ukraine she went into hiding, under protection of armed guards, [14] assigned to her by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, after she had received death threats.[15][16][17] Pro-Putin news agencies leaked provocative photos of Duritskaya, in an attempt to discredit her, following which she refused to return to Russia to testify in the trial.[18]

In December 2018, The Guardian, republished Duritskaya's TV Rain interview from the time of her release,[19][20] in a call to rename the street of the Russian Embassy in London, in memorial to Boris Nemtsov, following Washington D.C.[21] which had done so, under the "D.C. Law 22-92 Boris Nemtsov Plaza Designation Act of 2018,"[22] that was passed unanimously on an "emergency basis."[23]

In 2017, she planned to join her friend Ankit Love in London, and attend Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.[24]

She was a runner-up at Miss Ukraine Universe 2018, held at the Fairmont Grand Hotel in Kiev.


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