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Anneka Tanaka-Svenska is a vegan,[1] Naturalist & TV presenter and conservationist living in the United Kingdom. Anneka has worked on and off TV with animals for over twenty years, specializing in dogs and wolves.

Anneka Svenska has been a regular face on UK television since the late 90’s, best known for presenting the Channel 5 movie show outTHERE which ran with record ratings for 3 years. Anneka has since moved over to working with wildlife, presenting for The London Pet Show 2015,[2] Vlogging alongside bird enthusiast and renowned naturalist Bill Oddie,[3] Pet Rescue’s Wendy Turner Webster,[4] Born Free’s President Will Travers[5] and Channel 4’s SuperVet Noel Fitzpatrick.[6] Anneka has also presented for top Vegan organisations ‘VegFestUK’,[7] ‘Veganuary’,[8] and the charities ‘Viva!’,[9] ‘The Badger Trust’,[10]’The Wag and Bone Dog Show live’,[11] ‘Steve Irwin: a Tribute’,[12] ‘Movie Café’ and ‘Clubavision’. Anneka is a wolf enthusiast and handler and has filmed and worked alongside both European and North American Timber Wolves as well as living with high content wolfdogs on a daily basis.[13]

Anneka’s love and expertise for animals has always intertwined her professional life, having originally started to train as a Vet before embarking on drama school. Anneka has written for many dog magazines including Dog’s Today and K9 Magazine; worked on TV shows featuring Steve Irwin and various other animal experts and co-founded the dog rescue charity ‘K-9 Angels’ in 2011.[14] Over the last three years, Anneka has rescued and rehomed hundreds of dogs from all over the world and appeared in many newspaper articles and blogs about her rescue and charity work. Anneka moved on to found ‘Green World Television’[15] and ‘Angels for the Innocent Foundation’[16] in late 2014 in order to intertwine her journalistic abilities with her animal conservation work. Anneka now produces strong films & campaigns, some created to give animal and environmental charities a much needed voice in the world of television. She also produces and fronts important documentaries which draw light to issues surrounding planetary destruction and wildlife conservation.[17]

As a side line to her TV work, Anneka has ventured into the world of environmental and organic healthy eating, where her expertise in juicing, smoothies and vegan raw eating has now been recognised. Anneka is now heading up the new Vegan juicing and Smoothy page for charity VIVA![18] as ‘The Little Green Angel’ and is also training to teach power yoga. Anneka has also come on board with Vegan organisation ‘Veganuary’ and will now be officially Vlogging for them, as well as becoming the celebrity juicer & Vlogger for VegFest 2015 [19] & regularly blogging for Bare Foot Vegan Magazine.[20][21]

In 2016, Anneka Svenska appeared in the short conservation film looking at the work of Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit in South Africa. The film, presented by Anneka and narrated by wildlife presenter Nigel Marven, is available to watch on the internet.[22]

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