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Industry Technology
Founded 2005
Founders Andrew Slavin (CTO)
Sam Riley (CEO)
Rachel Riley (CFO)
Daphne Chang
Headquarters Sydney, New South Wales
Number of employees

Ansarada is a global provider of AI-powered virtual data rooms and Material Information Platforms for business transactions and material events such as mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, tenders and IPOs.

Historically, Ansarada's virtual data rooms have enabled the hosting, exchange and management of confidential material information between bidders and sellers during the M&A (mergers and acquisitions) due diligence process through their Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.[1].

Today, businesses, investors and analysts can extract insights and build value through their Material Information Platform even when they aren’t actively conducting a transaction.

Ansarada are also the creators of the world’s first M&A video game, which since it was launched in January 2014, has had more than 138,000 sessions, with total screen views amounting to 9.5 million.[2]

Ansarada has offices in Sydney, London, New York and Chicago, as well as employees working from Asia, Africa and continental Europe.


Sydney-based Ansarada was founded in 2005 by Andrew Slavin, its chief technology officer, Sam Riley, chief executive, Rachel Riley, chief financial officer and Daphne Chang.[1] The company is named after the first two letters of the founder's first names.[3]

The four founders and some employees continue to own about 80 percent of the company with a group of investment bankers and lawyers owning the remaining 20 percent. Ansarada does not disclose its sales and profits.

Ansarada claims a 60 percent market share of Australian M&A deals. It employs about 150 people and has offices in Sydney, Chicago, New York City and London. In July 2016, Ansarada partnered with PYCO Group and launched a new software development center in Vietnam.[4]

AI-Powered Rooms[edit]

A range of artificial intelligence features were introduced to Ansarada Rooms in 2017. As an AI-powered alternative to traditional virtual data rooms, the 100-plus new features allow users to “illuminate risk and opportunity, raise and protect potential, and optimize processes from deal preparation through to execution and close”[5].

AiQ Bidder Engagement Score[edit]

Sell-side users of Ansarada Rooms can view an AiQ Bidder Engagement Score that assigns a numerical value to the likelihood that each potential bidder will make an offer. The AiQ Bidder Engagement Score is calculated using a machine learning algorithm that takes into account the performance of 57 separate metrics over time[6].


AiDA, an acronym for Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant, extracts on-demand insights and data based on activity within an Ansarada Room.

Users interact with AiDA through a chat interface available for iPhone through the iTunes App Store[7]. The virtual assistant uses Natural Language Processing to understand user requests plus more than 20 “skills” to extract data and insights to provide answers[8].

Material Information Platform[edit]

In October 2017, Ansarada launched the world’s first Material Information Platform[9]. The platform uses new technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses prepare for transactions by structuring their material information and extracting relevant insights.

The Material Information Platform is intended as an always-on open platform to supersede traditional virtual data rooms. The platform boasts an ability to save hundreds of hours spent on due diligence through its AI-powered data management and reporting.


A selection of Ansarada’s clients include:

Law Firms

Corporate Finance



Private Equity

Charity work[edit]

Each year Ansarada sponsors a trip to Taronga Zoo for students attending Villawood North Public School.[10]

Its charitable donations include those to The Smith Family (charity) Christmas Appeal 2011, The Sick Children’s Trust (UK), Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation and the Centre for Eye Research Australia.

Ansarada software engineers created a mobile application that enabled participants who fundraised for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance to track and update their steps during the "September" fundraising appeal.

In 2015 Ansarada pledged 1 percent of its equity, time and product to the Adara Group,[11] a unique organisation working to improve the lives of women and children in the developing world.

M&A game[edit]

Ansarada launched an M&A game in January 2014 to appeal primarily to investment bankers looking to express their competitive sides in a risk-free setting, the New York Times reported.[12] Ten hours after the games release it had attracted about 1,000 users who had played it over 3,300 times, according to the New York Times.[12]

"Deal-making is not that glamorous when you're stuck at the end of the day," Sam Riley was quoted by the New York Times as saying. "People should lighten up and have a bit of fun."[12]


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