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Antibody Solutions
Private company
Industry Biotechnology
Headquarters Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Services Antibody development, contract outsourcing

Antibody Solutions is an American biotechnology company specializing in antibody development and manufacture, immunoassay development and other biotechnological and biomedical research. The company serves pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biomedical research organizations and is a member of BIO.[1]


Antibody Solutions was founded in 1995 by John Kenney and Dennis Gould. Kenney had managed the monoclonal antibody (McAb) development laboratory for Syntex Research in Palo Alto and Gould managed the McAb production facility for Syva Diagnostics. Gould left Antibody Solutions company in 1997 and eventually became a Vice President for Sepragen Corporation.

Kenney and Gould were assisted in the startup of the company by Barry Bredt. Bredt had the foresight to acquire the domain name www. for use by Antibody Solutions. He later became Director of the UCSF General Clinical Research Center, SFGHMC, and was a pioneer of the low cost HIV AIDS Diagnostics "EASYCD4".[2][3] Bredt died on April 8, 2007.

Antibody Solutions was incorporated in 1998 with John Kenney as President and Judith Lynch-Kenney as Chief Financial Officer. The company spent several years at a facility in Mountain View, a short distance from Shoreline Park, Moffett Field and the Googleplex. In 2011, the company moved to new facilities in Sunnyvale.


Antibody Solutions has maintained a strategic commercial partner agreement with Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT) since 2012. The two companies also began a platform license agreement in 2014.[4][5] Antibody Solutions also has a professional partnership with Reflexion Pharmaceuticals, a San Francisco-based company.


As of 2014, Antibody Solutions' offices and laboratory are located within a 13,200 sq. ft. facility located just off Lawrence Expressway, immediately south of CA Highway 237.

Antibody Solutions provides contract research services that include monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development, peptide synthesis, antigen development and immunoassay development.[6] The company provides outsourcing services that extend beyond the client's capacity or distract from their core competency. Antibody Solutions also offers a Cell Banking onsite storage system which is cataloged and maintained.

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