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The phrase "Anyone for tennis?" is thought to have originated from George Bernard Shaw's 1914 play Misalliance, in which Johnny Tarleton asks "Anybody on for a game of tennis?"[1] This phrase is often used to typify a particular genre of drawing room comedy about the leisured upper class.[citation needed]

This phrase has been used several times in popular culture, including by Daffy Duck in the cartoon shorts The Ducksters, Rabbit Fire, and Drip-Along Daffy, the song "Beautiful Girl" in the movie musical Singin' in the Rain, and as the title of a song by the British blues-rock band Cream. In episode 33 of Monty Python's Flying Circus, a spoof of Sam Peckinpah's violent movies begins with a genteel lawn party; the line "I say, anyone for tennis?" is the ironic cue for an explosion of overblown, horrific violence. It is also mentioned in the popular 1975 song Patricia the Stripper by Chris de Burgh.

Other uses of the phrase in pop culture include:


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