Apaporis River

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Apaporis River
Apaporis drainage basin map-fr.svg
Apaporis drainage basin
Native name Rio Apaporis
Country Brazil
Basin features
River mouth 1°22′34″S 69°25′10″W / 1.376147°S 69.419475°W / -1.376147; -69.419475Coordinates: 1°22′34″S 69°25′10″W / 1.376147°S 69.419475°W / -1.376147; -69.419475
River system Japurá River

The Apaporis River is a river of the Vaupés Department, Colombia. It is a tributary of the Caquetá or Japurá River. In the last stretch before the river joins the Caquetá it form part of the boundary between Colombia and Brazil.

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