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Directed by Juan José Jusid
Produced by Carlos Mentasti
Francisco Ramos
Written by Raúl Becerra
Alex Ferrara
Marcela Guerty
Andrés G. Schaer
Juan José Jusid
Starring Pablo Echarri
Nancy Dupláa
Natalia Verbeke
Silvina Bosco
Music by Federico Jusid
Cinematography Porfirio Enríquez
Edited by Juan Carlos Macías
Release date
6 June 2002
Running time
100 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Apasionados (English: Passionate People) is a 2002 Argentine romantic comedy film directed by Juan José Jusid, starring Pablo Echarri, Nancy Dupláa and Natalia Verbeke.

Plot summary[edit]

Uma (Natalia Verbeke) lives in the city of Buenos Aires with her friend Roberto, who happens to be homosexual. She works as a flight attendant, and her job lets her travel all around the world and live an independent life without commitments. But she has a dream to fulfill: to be a mother. Since she can't find the perfect man, thanks to her job, she decides to look for a sperm donor in different parts of the world, but what she is looking for her child's father can't be found anywhere in the sperm banks. After being desperate and tired of not being able to complete her goal, she decides to look for the perfect man that has all the requirements she wants in a father, to leave her pregnant.

Lucía (Nancy Dupláa) is Uma's best friend, divorced with a daughter called Violeta, and is always willing to give Uma a hand in whatever she needs. She manages a travel agency, in which a guide called Nico (Pablo Echarri) works, and is Lucía's future husband. Nico is what every woman wants; handsome, intelligent, a good person and loves kids. All this characteristics make Uma choose him as the donor. But there is a complication, asking Lucía if she can borrow her boyfriend, to accomplish her dream.

When Uma convinces Lucía, she agrees and then tells Nico, which after thinking about it agrees as well. Considering it as "simple donation" in which each person would later follow their own lives. But this simple transaction will bring problems after Uma gets pregnant, and the feelings that no one was waiting for appear, transforming the lives of each of the characters.

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