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Apatia is one of the most popular Polish punk rock and hardcore bands, founded in 1989 in Poznań, where it played its farewell concert in May 2011.[1] Its members actively support vegetarianism and straight edge ideology.


The band was created in 1989 out of another group, HCP. First gig took place in 1990, during the independent Robrege Festival in Warsaw. It has been since then, with frequent concerts played both in Poland and other European countries, such as Germany and France. In 1993, in prestigious Polish Encyclopedia PWN, Apatia was mentioned in the article about straight edge movement.

Current lineup[edit]

  • Matol - vocal,
  • Krzychu - drums,
  • Jędrek - guitar,
  • Stiepan - bass guitar.

Former members[edit]

  • Bulwa - guitar,
  • Arek - guitar,
  • Szymon - bass guitar.


  • 1993 Walka Czy Apatia (Struggle or apathy)
  • 1993 Punk Floyd
  • 1994 Odejdz Lub Zostan (Leave or stay)
  • 1995 5 Piosenek o tym jak niszczymy system (Five songs about us destroying the system)
  • 1995 Dwa w jednym (Two in one)
  • 1997 Apatia
  • 2000 100% Vegetarian band
  • 2002 Manipulacja (Manipulation)
  • 2007 Uleglosc (Submission)


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