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Apororhynchus hemignathi.png
Apororhynchus hemignathi
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Acanthocephala
Class: Archiacanthocephala
Order: Apororhynchida
Thapar, 1927[1]
Family: Apororhynchidae
Shipley, 1899
Genus: Apororhynchus
Shipley, 1899

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Apororhynchida is an order containing one family, Apororhynchidae,[2] and one genus, Apororhynchus,[2] of microscopic parasitic worms that attach themselves to the intestinal wall of terrestrial vertebrates.


Has been found infecting Oriolus cristatus in Brazil.[4]

Has been found infecting a Canada warbler (Wilsonia canadensis) in Mountain Lake, Virginia and a Parula warbler (Compsothlysis americana) in Augusta, Georgia.[4]

Has been found infecting the Honey creeper (Hemignathus procerus) in Hawaii.[4]


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