Aquí y Ahora (Erik Rubin album)

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Aquí y Ahora
Aquí y Ahora.jpeg
Studio album by Erik Rubin
Released 2009
Recorded 2008-2009
Genre Pop
Label Sony Music
Producer Erik Rubin, Ettore Grenci
Erik Rubin chronology
Aquí y Ahora

Aquí y Ahora is the sixth album of Erik Rubin. In it, Rubin changed his traditional rock music sound to a Britpop sound. It is his first work for Sony Music, and was recorded in Los Angeles and Mexico. Rubin worked with Ettore Grencci and others. The first single to be released is "No Para de Llover". The next singles were "Vuela Conmigo", "Tu Voz" and "Mejor Imposible". It was certified as Gold Record in December 2010, and also was released a deluxe edition with remixes, acoustic and 7 videos in a bonus DVD.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "No Para de Llover"
  2. "Invencibles"
  3. "Vuela Conmigo"
  4. "Tu Voz"
  5. "Mejor Imposible"
  6. "Luna Azul"
  7. "Sonrisa Estática"
  8. "Despertar a la Vida"
  9. "Corazón Hibrido"
  10. "De Sol a Sol"
  11. "Aire"
  12. "A Donde Voy"

Deluxe Edition[edit]

  1. "Aire (Acoustic)"
  2. "No Para De Llover(Acoustic)"
  3. "Tu Voz (Remix)"
  4. "Vuela Conmigo (Remix)"
  5. "Mejor Imposible (Remix)"


  1. "No Para de Llover"
  2. "Vuela Conmigo"
  3. "Tu Voz"
  4. "Aire (Acoustic)"
  5. "No Para De Llover(Acoustic)"
  6. "Tu Voz (Acoustic)"
  7. "Vuela Conmigo (Acoustic)"


  • Stefano Falcone – Drums
  • Francesco Chiari – Bass
  • Fernando Pantini – Guitars
  • Ettore Grenci – Piano and Keyboards
  • Erik Rubín – keyboards and addictional guitars[1]

Technical personnel[edit]

  • Arranged by Erik Rubín and Ettore Grenci
  • Recorded at Obra Negra studio Mexico DF by León Granados, Ivan Leyva and Fabrizio Simoncioni
  • Mixed at Obra Negra studio Mexico DF by Fabrizio Simoncioni
  • Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by Chris Gehringer


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