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Arcane Legends is a hack and slash multiplayer mobile game developed by Spacetime Studios, which had previously also developed several similar games such as Pocket Legends, Dark Legends, and Star legends. Since its launch, the game also appeared in the Chrome Store for users of the computer.

The game[edit]

The player first chooses a class from three possible selections: Warrior, Rogue, or Mage. The player then chooses from three possible starting pets: Precious (a panther), Timber (a dog), or Guapo (a turtle).

Warrior The warrior class is strong and its main job is to do the tanking, thus it has the most health and armour.

Rogue The rogue class's defenses are lower but has a much higher attack, as well as high dexterity/dodge.

Sorcerer The sorcerer, otherwise known as mage, has the most mana. It usually is used to support other classes, but can also deal high damage.

You can change costumes(vanities) that you find in adventures and you also have a pet that helps you fight.


Many pets can be found in the game. Pets increases your stats and unleash arcane abilities. They can be found inside of eggs that are found on mobs, chests, and also purchased through the store with platinum the AL pay-for-play currency.


  • City of Windmoore (First Start Village)
  • Brackenridge - Brackenridge Forest, Brackenridge Aqueducts, Brackenridge Village, Gold Mine
  • Travelers Outpost (City)
  • Ydra Forest - Ydra Outskirts, Rook's Hideout, Ydra Forest, Rooks Nest
  • The Great City of Kraag (City)
  • The Dead City - Dead City Outskirts, Dead City, Lost Mage's Mine, Arcanum Grounds, Arcanum Castle, Tower Of Mardrom
  • The Kraken Isles - Windmoore Harbor, The Southern Seas, Grog Beach, Ancient Mariner Reef, Skull Cove, The Lost Cove, Palm Rock Island
  • Stronghold (City)
  • Nordr - Jurn Woods, Mount Spyr, Oltgar Keep, Crystal Caverns, Hall Of Valheim, Camp Boulder, Tunnels Of Valheim
  • City of Kelys (City)
  • Shuyal - Shadow Plains, Forest Breach, Forest Of Shades, Undim Fields, Ashral Tower
  • Expedition Camp (Trade, Socialise and Buy/Sell Item area)
  • Tindirin - The Wilds, Jagged Trail, Magma Corridor, Caves of Tarewa, Rockhorn Summit
  • Garetta Village (City)
  • Glintstone Caverns - Misty Grotto, Cryogem Mines, Gnomish Ruins
  • Underhul - Southern Gates, Umbral Chasm, Forgotten Citadel
  • Chancel of Light (City)
  • Somberholt Graveyard - Mausoleum I, Mausoleum II, Mausoleum III, Mausoleum IV, Mausoleum V, Mausoleum VI

•. Festerfang Swamp

Cities are places where players can socialize without the fear of being attacked by monsters.

In Cities you can Trade and take quests from different classes(Warrior,Rogue,Mage).The quests give you Experience and gold.


Each class has a unique set of weapons available:

Warriors use swords, sword and shields, hammers, and mauls. The Rogue Class uses bows and dual-wielded daggers, blades The Sorcerer Class uses staffs and guns. Weapons can be purchased with Gold in the Auction, with platinum in Store or in cities from merchants. They can also be found in chests dropped by Bosses and enemies


Each class has a unique Armor, most of the armours can spawn an effect. You can buy armours in the Auction or the Store.

Types of Armours, Weapons and Pets[edit]

There are 6 types of Armours and Weapons:

•Common Class (Cheap|Weak) •Rare Class (Cheap|Weak) •Epic Class (Cheap|Not very Strong) •Legendary Class (Some Cheap|Strong) •Mythic Class (Expensive|Strong) •Arcane Class (Very Expensive|Very Strong)


•2012 Best App Ever •Massively Best Mobile MMO 2013 •Silver Award Winning IOS and Android MMORPG


Pivotal Gamers awarded it a score of 10 out of 10 based on its overall performance across the WEB, categorizing it as a good game to play.[1]


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