Arif Cooper

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Arif Cooper
Arif Cooper DJ.jpg
DJ Arif 'SupaCoop' Cooper
Background information
Also known as DJ SupaCoop
Origin Kingston, Jamaica
Genres Reggae, Dancehall, House
Occupation(s) Musician, Producer, DJ, CEO, Radio Broadcaster, Event Promoter
Instruments Piano, Drums, Keyboards, Sampler, Turntables
Years active 1991-Present
Labels Fresh Ear Productions/AMC Music Ltd.
Associated acts Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Alaine, Kardinal Official, Elephant Man, Tami Chynn, Demarco, Konshens, Charly Black, Han-Kun

Arif Cooper is a musician, music producer, international DJ, CEO of Fresh Ear Productions/AMC Music Ltd., event promoter and a radio broadcaster for the RJR Communications Group (FAME FM).


Arif grew up around music from birth. His father, Michael Ibo Cooper from Third World, introduced him to the music industry from a young age, putting him through Piano lessons, exposure to a large record collection as well as allowing him access to watch greats such as Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen and Sting (musician) in various studio and show settings. When Arif was old enough, Ibo brought Arif on tour to work with Third World (band) as a road crew member.

In 1991, based on his past exposure to the Jamaican sound system culture, Arif began DJ’ing everything from house parties and local dances to nightclubs, and not long after, international festivals, to most major international dancehall events of the past 2 decades. He was a founding member of Syndicate Disco in 1992-1997 and after leaving went on to establish himself internationally, DJ’ing all over the world at clubs, parties and shows in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and Japan. He has held residencies at Club Mirage, Jamaica and Club Soul, Atlanta and also toured with artists such as Sean Paul, Voice Mail, and Alaine to name a few.

Fresh Ear Productions was founded in 1997, after lending his musical talents to the development of 2 Hard Records, he re-entered the world of production after deciding to establish a more melodic and smoother sound to Reggae/Dancehall as well as to grow a brand and establish himself as a force in the music industry. Additionally, in 1998 he joined FAME FM in the capacity of broadcaster/radio disc jockey where he still holds this position.[1] Arif is also the major force between the street event ‘Fresh Fridays’ circa 2010-2014. He has played key roles in the development and careers of Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul, Tami Chynn, Jah Cure, Alaine, Elephant Man, Baby Cham, Demarco, Aidonia, Konshens, Wayne Marshall, Christopher Martin and Charly Black. He has created hit singles in a wide variety of genres: from Sean Paul's "Hold My Hand", Tami Chynn's "Over and Over", Demarco's "True Friend"[2] to rhythms as widely successful as Guardian Angel,[3][4] Relationships,[5] Worldwide,[6] and New Money.[7]



Phantom [8]

Move [9]

Full Draw [10]

R.A.W (Ready And Willing) [11]

Guardian Angel [3]

Up & Live [12]


Relationships [5]

Perfect 10 [14]

Sexy Girl [15]

National Pride [14]

Eva Ready[16]

Win [17]

Big Bang [18]

Communication [19]

Good Tymez [20]

New Money [7]

Worldwide [6]

Success & Strive [21]

Give Praises [22]


Step Out - Busy Signal

My World - Kris Kelly

Danger Zone - Lord Kossity

Limited - Muneihiro

Imperial Blaze - Sean Paul

JMT (Jamaica Mean Time) - Vybz Kartel

Forever - Vybz Kartel

Unknown Language - T.O.K

One World - T.O.K

Gideon Boot - Richie Spice

Wifey - Alkaline

Hype - Alkaline

Beautiful Sister - Alaine, Tami Chynn, Tessane Chin, Queen Ifrica

True Friend - Demarco

Nuh Guh Change (One Cent) - Demarco

Build A Vibes - Demarco

Meant To Be - I Octane

This Life (Glory) - Konshens

Give Thanks For Life - Mr. Vegas

Hot Rice Dance - Mr. Vegas

Emporror Salassi - Rude Bwoy Face

Love Meter Buck - Tony Matterhorn

F**k Meter Buck - Tony Matterhorn

Credit Alone Done - Vybz Kartel

Party Mi Say - Vybz Kartel

In Love With You - Vybz Kartel


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