Arnoldo Ochoa González

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Arnoldo Ochoa González (b. Colima, Colima, January 27, 1951) is a Mexican politician, federal deputy and vice president of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico.

He was a Governor of Colima[1] in temporary period after the death in an accident of Gustavo Vázquez. Before being govern temporary, he was the Secretary of Interior of Vázquez.

Later, Silverio Cavazos was elected as the Governor of Colima.

He would be again Secretary of Interior with Cavazos, and later he would renounce for a candidacy for Senate but he would renounce her by being in the second formula and he would opt for taking the charge of federal deputy.

Preceded by
Gustavo Vázquez
Governor of Colima
Succeeded by
Silverio Cavazos


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