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Artemy Lebedev in Krasnoyarsk

Artemy Lebedev (born 13 February 1975, Moscow) is a Russian designer and businessman. He is the founder of the design company Art. Lebedev Studio.[1] He is also an avid blogger,[2] known for his rather provocative views and frequent usage of obscene language.

Lebedev is the son of the writer and public intellectual Tatyana Tolstaya and a member of the Russian aristocratic Tolstoy family. After one year of studies at Parkville High School, he returned to Moscow, where he graduated from Moscow State School 57. He enrolled at Moscow State University, but dropped out during his second year. He spent the following years working for a few design studios until 1995 when he founded his own company Art. Lebedev Studio, which is known outside of Russia for creating products like Optimus Maximus keyboard.[citation needed]

According to The Best Travelled Master List, Lebedev is one of the very few people in the world and the only Russian who has travelled to each of the 193 countries of the World[3].

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