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Arthur Horner (1916–1997) was an Australian cartoonist. His major creations were the serialised adventures of Colonel Pewter, which ran from 1952 to 1970, in England and Australia, and The Uriel Report Melbourne Age, early 1980s.

Colonel Pewter's adventures were published in Britain, beginning in the News Chronicle (1952), The Daily Mail (after a takeover in 1960), and then The Guardian (1964–1970). Horner was Australian, but as he lived at various times in England and Australia, the appearance of the strip in both countries isn't surprising. The entire run appeared in the Melbourne Age.


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  • The Book of Uriel as transcribed by Arthur Horner ; and introduced by Terry Lane. Contains "Flying Visit," a Colonel Pewter story featuring Uriel along with most of the regular cast (from 1967, 1968), along with a compilation of The Uriel Report from the late '70s. Ringwood, Vic.: Penguin Books, 1979. ISBN 0-14-070080-3

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