Arthur Raikes

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Arthur Raikes
Arthur Raikes.JPG
Arthur Raikes (right) with Sultan Ali Bin Hamud
Born (1867-02-05)5 February 1867
Died 3 March 1915(1915-03-03) (aged 48)
Kensington Court Gardens, London
Nationality British
Occupation Army Officer

Arthur Edward Harington Raikes (5 February 1867 – 3 March 1915) was a British army officer.

Raikes was born on 5 February 1867 to Reverend Charles Hall Raikes and Charlotte d'Ende Arbuthnot.[1] Raikes served as a Lieutenant in the Wiltshire Regiment before moving to Zanzibar where he was appointed Brigadier-General in the Sultan's army.[1][2] In 1896 he was involved in the Anglo-Zanzibar War, caused by the succession of a sultan unfavourable to the British, and led 900 pro-British Askaris during the bombardment of the Sultan's palace.[2] In return for his service he was appointed a First Class (Second Grade) member of the Order of the Brilliant Star of Zanzibar on 24 September 1896, a First Class member of the Zanzibari Order of Hamondieh on 25 August 1897 and later promoted to Commander of the Zanzibar armies.[3][4]

By 1902 Raikes had been promoted to Captain of the Wiltshire Regiment.[5] On 6 November 1903 he was granted approval to accept and wear the Cross of a Commander of the Order of Franz Joseph awarded to him by Francis Joseph I of Austria when he visited Zanzibar on board SMS Zenta.[5] On 26 July 1905 he was given approval to accept and wear the insignia of a Knight Commander of the Order of Christ, awarded to him by the Carlos I of Portugal in return for valuable services.[6] On 12 July 1906 Raikes was appointed a First Class Member of the Order of El Aliyeh for services rendered to the Sultan of Zanzibar.[7]

Raikes served as Vizier to Zanzibar from 1906 until 1908 and was, at one stage, first minister to the country.[8][9] He married Geraldine Arbuthnot on 16 December 1899 with whom he would have one son.[1] He died on 3 March 1915 at number 28 Kensington Court Gardens, London.[9]


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