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Arturo Tedeschi

Arturo Tedeschi (born 24 April 1979) is an Italian architect, computational designer and writer. He's the founder and creative director of the architecture practice and design consulting A>T which promotes a new kind of algorithmic-based design.[1] His design approach includes techniques such as Algorithms-Aided Design (AAD), CNC milling, robotic milling, 3D printing,[2] artificial intelligence, virtual reality.[3]

"Algorithmic design is not simply the use of computer to design architecture and objects. Algorithms allow designers to overcome the limitations of traditional software reaching a level of complexity which is beyond the human manual ability"[4]


Arturo Tedeschi started his career in 2004, combining professional practice in Italy with a personal research on algorithms-aided design, focusing on relationships between architecture and emerging technologies. In 2010 he published Architettura Parametrica,[5] a technical book on computational design translated into English as Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper.[6] In the same year he worked at Zaha Hadid Architects in London. in 2011 he founds the office A>T starting an intense activity both as a designer and consultant for leading firms and industries (architecture, furniture, fashion, footwear, automotive). Among his projects: NU:S Installation at Chiostro Del Bramante (Roma, 2012),[7] Parametric Shoes (Roma, 2012) a project that pushed the boundaries of 3D printing applied to fashion design,[8] The CloudBridge (2013),[9][10] Ilabo Shoes with Ross Lovegrove (Milano, 2015),[11] In-Formation with Ross Lovegrove (Koln, 2017), Needle Watch (2017),[12] Transmission at Victoria and Albert Museum with Ross Lovegrove (London, 2017),[13] Fessura wall system (Milano, 2017),[14] Alcantara Corner Lounges for Audi with Lovegrove and Colombo (Milano, 2017),[15] Oyster Chair (Milano, 2018),[16] Iris Concept Car (2020),[17][18] Passerella, a new tram for Milano (2020),[19][20][21][22][23] HorizON suspension lamp for the Venice Glass Week 2020.[24][25] In 2014 he published AAD Algorithms-Aided Design[26], a reference book on algorithmic modelling based on the Grasshopper platform. In 2019 he has been appointed Italian Design Ambassador for the Sydney Design festival within the Italian Design Day 2019[27]


Since 2011 Arturo Tedeschi has been an invited lecturer at universities and conferences worldwide. He taught and lectured at Politecnico di Milano, Architectural Association School of Architecture in London,[28] ISCTE-IUL Lisbon, University of Sydney, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, University of Edinburgh,[29] IUAV Venezia,[30] University of Arkansas Rome Center, Universidad Europea (Madrid).[31] Since 2018 he explored new modes of learning and online teaching.


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