Asao Hirano

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Asao Hirano
Born 1926
Known for Hirano body
Medical career
Profession physician
medical researcher
Institutions Montefiore Hospital
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Research neuropathology

Asao Hirano (平野朝雄, Hirano Asao?, born 1926) is a Japanese physician, academic, medical researcher and neuropathologist. He is credited with having first observed Hirano bodies which are intracellular aggregates of actin and actin-associated proteins in the neurons (nerve cells).[1]


Dr. Hirano is a professor of pathology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.[2]

Selected works[edit]

In a statistical overview derived from writings by and about Asao Hirano, OCLC/WorldCat encompasses roughly 30 works in 50+ publications in 5 languages and 1,000+ library holdings.[3]

  • Electron Microsopic Atlas of Brain Tumors (1971), with Tung Pui Poon
  • Atlas of Neuropathology (1974), with by Nathan Malamud
  • An Atlas of the Human Brain for Computerized Tomography (1978), with Takayoshi Matsui
  • Color Atlas of Pathology of the Nervous System (1980)
  • A Guide to Neuropathology (1981)
  • Atlas d'anatomie pathologique du système nerveux (1981)
  • Neuropsychiatric Disorders in the Elderly (1983)
  • Praktischer Leitfaden der Neuropathologie (1983)
  • The Pathology of the Myelinated Axon (1984), with Masazumi Adachi
  • 神経病理を学ぶ人のために (1986)
  • 神経病理を学ぶ人のために (2003)
  • カラーアトラス神経病理 (2006)



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