Ascent the Wind

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Ascent the Wind
Also known as: Ascend the Wind
Michael Helbing Ascent the Wind.jpg
Artist Michael Helbing
Year 2004 (2004)
Type Stainless steel
Dimensions 3.4 m × 3.0 m × 1.5 m (11 ft × 10 ft × 5 ft)
Location Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Coordinates 39°52′40.8″N 86°8′33.72″W / 39.878000°N 86.1427000°W / 39.878000; -86.1427000

Ascent the Wind is a public artwork but American artist Michael Helbing. The artwork is located in the ARTSPARK grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center, in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.[1] While the Indianapolis Art Center titles it "Ascent the Wind", the artist calls it "Ascend the Wind".[1][2]


Ascent the Wind is an abstract stainless steel sculpture that rests on a concrete base. The artwork curves upwards and shifts in a flowing manner as tentacle-like appendages form off the top section seeming to blow in the wind.[2]


The artwork is on temporary from the Shimmery Gallery and is listed at costing $40,000 for permanent purchase.[2]


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