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Industry Computer and video game industry
Founded 2000
Headquarters Mönchengladbach
Products Games for video game consoles and computer software
Website Official website

Astragon Software GmbH is a publisher of video games and computer software based in Mönchengladbach, Germany.[1]

They were originally headquartered in Hagen but moved to Mönchengladbach in 2004.[1] Astragon specialises in publishing simulation games for the PC system, but in 2008 they moved into other areas, when they published Wendy: Holidays at Rosenborg for the Nintendo DS.[2]

They have also released several English language games under their Just Play It! label, including Myst IV: Revelation and CSI: Dark Motives.[3] Astragon also publish games by Big Fish Games and iWin in the German language market.[4]

Computer software[edit]

Astragon also publishes computer software. They have published archiving software, educational CDs, multimedia tools and some design programs.



Selected games


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