Astrid Young

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Astrid Young
Birth name Vendela Astrid Paterson Young
Born (1962-08-16) August 16, 1962 (age 54)
Origin Toronto, Ontario Canada
Genres Rock, Classic Rock, Glam Rock, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic Acid Folk
Occupation(s) singer, songwriter
Instruments Vocals, Bass Guitar, Guitar
Years active 1984 - present
Labels Inbetweens, Tangerine, WOTG
Associated acts Neil Young, iST, Sacred Child, Astrid Young

Astrid Young (born August 16, 1962[1][2]) is a Canadian singer/songwriter. She is the daughter of journalist, sportswriter, and novelist Scott Young and his second wife Astrid Carlson, and the half-sister of fellow musician Neil Young,[3][4] who bought her first amp in the 1970s.[5] After a brief run with 80's Glam metal group Sacred Child, she went on to record backup vocals on several albums through most of the 80's and 90's. Her vocals appeared on Neil Young's albums Unplugged,[6] Road Rock Vol. 1[7] and the Grammy-nominated[8] Harvest Moon.[9] In 2002, she performed lead vocals and played the bass guitar on rock band's iST album Pokalolo Paniolo. Young has also released three solo albums, Brainflower in 1995, Matinee in 2002 and One Night at Giant Rock in 2014, which was co-produced by Victor DeLorenzo.[10] In addition to writing a Canadian bestselling book, Being Young,[11] Young has also co-written music with many fellow musicians, including Nancy Wilson, Lisa Dalbello and the late West Arkeen.[12]


Year Artist Title Record Label Nature of Appearance
1984 Ohm and the Secret Sources Exit From A Dream Ohm Records Bass & Background Vocals[10]
1986 Sacred Child Sacred Child' Target Lead Vocals[10]
1989 Sacred Child Sacred Child (re-release) CBS/Black Dragon Lead Vocals[10]
1994 Blackthorne Afterlife CMC International Background Vocals[10][13]
1992 Neil Young Harvest Moon Reprise Records Background Vocals[6][10]
1993 Ben Keith Seven Gates Reprise Records Background Vocals[10]
1993 Dramarama Hi-Fi Sci-Fi Chameleon Background Vocals[14]
1993 Neil Young Unplugged Reprise Records Background Vocals[6][10]
1993 Neil Young Event of the Season n/a (bootleg) Background Vocals[6][10]
1995 Astrid Young Brainflower Independent Lead Vocals, Keyboards[10]
1995 Nancy Wilson Live at McCabe's Epic Records Background Vocals[citation needed]
1996 Scott Joss Souvenirs Little Dog Records Background Vocals[10]
1997 Shrubbers National Boulevard Independent Background Vocals[15]
1997 Sacred Child Sacred Child Must Have Records Lead Vocals[16]
2000 Neil Young Road Rocks Volume I Reprise Records Background Vocals[6][17]
2002 iST Pokalolo Paniolo War of the Gargantuas/Inbetweens Lead Vocals & Bass[18]
2002 Neil Young Are You Passionate Reprise Records Background Vocals[6][19]
2002 Astrid Young Matinee Inbetweens Records Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals[10]
2003 Ad Vanderveen The Moment That Matters Blue Rose Background Vocals[20]
2003 Rebecca Trujillo Munda Munda Music Keyboards[10][21]
2003 Various Artists Spiders From Venus Skipping Discs performed a cover of David Bowie's song Modern Love[22]
2013 LeE HARVeY OsMOND The Folk Sinner Latent Recordings Vocals[23]
2014 ASTRID YOUNG One Night at Giant Rock War of the Gargantuas/W.O.T.G. Omnimedia solo album/vocals/bass/guitar/production


Neil Young & Crazy Horse: The Complex Sessions (1995)[24]

Neil Young "MTV Unplugged" (1993) [25]

Neil Young: Friends and Relatives - Red Rocks Live (2000)[26]

She both wrote and starred in a movie entitled "Haunted".[27][28]


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