Astronauts & Heretics

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Astronauts & Heretics
Astronauts & Heretics (Thomas Dolby).jpg
Studio album by Thomas Dolby
Released November 3, 1992[1]
Genre New wave
Length 43:16
Label Virgin (UK) Giant (US)
Producer Thomas Dolby
Thomas Dolby chronology
Aliens Ate My Buick
Astronauts & Heretics
A Map of the Floating City
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[2]
Entertainment WeeklyA-[4]

Astronauts & Heretics, released in 1992, was the fourth studio album by Thomas Dolby. It was Dolby's last studio album until 2011's A Map Of The Floating City.

Astronauts & Heretics contained the singles "I Love You Goodbye", "Close But No Cigar" and "Silk Pyjamas".

The album was reasonably popular in the UK and was Dolby's last album to be released on vinyl. According to Dolby, the album went largely unnoticed in the US due to poor distribution by Giant Records and the popularity of grunge at the time.

After asking Thomas Dolby for help with his studio equipment, Eddie Van Halen agreed to play guitar on two of Dolby's songs, "Eastern Bloc" and "Close but no Cigar" on Astronauts & Heretics including a Van Halen style solo on "Eastern Bloc".

Track listing[edit]

All tracks by Dolby unless noted

  1. "I Love You Goodbye" – 5:58
  2. "Cruel" – 3:08
  3. "Silk Pyjamas" – 3:38
  4. "I Live in a Suitcase" – 5:29
  5. "Eastern Bloc" ("Europa and the Pirate Twins Part II") – 5:19
  6. "Close But No Cigar" – 4:27
  7. "That's Why People Fall in Love" – 5:28
  8. "Neon Sisters" (Dolby, Matthew Seligman) – 4:54
  9. "Beauty of a Dream" – 5:04



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