Jill Colucci

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Jill Colucci
Origin USA
Occupation(s) Songwriter, vocalist
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1988-
Associated acts Bill Champlin, Travis Tritt, Wynonna Judd

Jill Colucci is an American songwriter and vocalist. She initially rose to prominence in 1988, singing the main scores to the film Mystic Pizza. She sang the ABC promo campaigns Something's Happening (the 1988 version with Bill Champlin and the 1989 edition solo) and America's Watching ABC (1990 version only). She also performed "The Funny Things You Do", which was the theme song for America's Funniest Home Videos for the first seven seasons.[1] Colucci's prolific credits even extended to Toyota, where she was the original vocalist of the auto maker's "I Love What You Do For Me" campaign in 1989 and she also performed the title theme song of the short-lived NBC-TV series Brand New Life (1989-90). The following year, as she continued to sing for ABC, she sang for The Disney Channel's Celebrate Me Home promotions. She also sang for promotional videos for the Apple II entitled "Apple ][ Forever" in 1984.[2]

Colucci has also co-written four country music hits: "I'm Gonna Be Somebody" and "Anymore" by Travis Tritt, "No One Else on Earth" by Wynonna Judd, and "He Would Be Sixteen" by Michelle Wright. She also won the Billboard Song of the Year award for Judd's song. In 1993, she released a CD called No Regrets, which also included her versions of those four songs and several other tracks that she had written for other artists.

Colucci first entered into the music industry at age 5, when she was still with her family singing along to Brenda Lee albums. While acting with her brother, the two of them began to perform, with her singing and her brother playing the accordion. By age 7, Colucci was the winner of the televised talent competition on The Gene Carroll Show.


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