Kolleru Bird Sanctuary

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Kolleru Bird Sanctuary
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)
Egrets in AP W IMG 3792.jpg
Birds near Kolleru Lake
Map showing the location of Kolleru Bird Sanctuary
Map showing the location of Kolleru Bird Sanctuary
Kolleru Bird Sanctuary
LocationAndhra Pradesh, India
Nearest cityEluru
Coordinates16°37′N 81°12′E / 16.617°N 81.200°E / 16.617; 81.200Coordinates: 16°37′N 81°12′E / 16.617°N 81.200°E / 16.617; 81.200[1]
Area673 km2 (166,000 acres)
EstablishedNovember 1999 (1999-11)
Governing bodyAndhra Pradesh Forest Department
Designated19 August 2002[1]

Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is a sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh, India. It covers 673 square kilometers. It was established in November 1999, under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. The sanctuary protects part of the Kolleru Lake wetland, which gained Ramsar Convention for International importance in 2002.[1][2]


Kolleru Bird Sanctuary covers mainly two districts of Andhra Pradesh they are Krishna and West Godavari districts and between the River Krishna and River Godavari deltas spread over 10 to 25 km from Eluru City.[3]


The main flora of the sanctuary is Phragmites karka,[4] a weed that grows up to 10 feet in height and that offers shelter for some species of birds.The aquatic vegetation includes species such as Nymphaeae nouchali, Nyphoides indicum, Ottelia alismoides, Nechamandra alternifolia, Limnophila indica, Vallisneria spiralis, Blyxa octandra, Ipomaea aquatica, Scirpus articulatus, Paspalidium germinatum, Typha angustata, and Phragmites karka.[5]

Contour dispute[edit]

Contours are lines drawn on a map, joining points of equal height above the sea level (Mean Sea Level). In the past, the water level in the lake was between contour 7 and 10 during the monsoon, and it fell to contour 3 during the dry season. The area in contour 3 is 135 square kilometres and the area in contour 10 is 901 square kilometres.

These conditions do not prevail any more with fish tanks and roads occupying most of the lake. The local fishing community known as Suryavansha Vaddis[6] say that from the times of 13th century during Eastern Ganga Dynasty rule they have had descendant rights on Kolleru Lake; they have appealed to the government to decrease from +5 contour (308 sq km) to +3 contour (135 sq km), asserting that they were protectors of birds from Langula Gajapathi Raju period.[7]


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