Athletics at the South Asian Games

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Athletics competitions have been held at the South Asian Games since the inaugural edition of the South Asian Federation Games in 1984 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

South Asian Games[edit]

Games Year Host Events
Men Women
I 1984 (details) Kathmandu
II 1985 (details) Dhaka
III 1987 (details) Calcutta
IV 1989 (details) Islamabad
V 1991 (details) Colombo
VI 1993 (details) Dhaka
VII 1995 (details) Madras
VIII 1999 (details) Kathmandu
IX 2004 (details) Islamabad 19 13
X 2006 (details) Colombo 20 15
XI 2010 (details) Dhaka 15 8
XII 2013 (cancelled) New Delhi
XII 2016 (details) Guwahati

Games records[edit]

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