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The Atlas Aircraft Corporation of South Africa (also known as Atlas Aviation) was established in 1965[1] to manufacture a number of sophisticated military aircraft and avionics equipment for the South African Air Force, as well as for export. It was established primarily to circumvent the international arms embargo (United Nations Security Council Resolution 418) commenced in 1963[2] against the South African government because of its Apartheid policies.

With the establishment in 1968 of the South African government-owned conglomerate named Armscor (Armaments Corporation of South Africa), the Atlas Aircraft Corporation was also brought under Armscor's control.[3]

In 1992 Atlas was absorbed into a new entity known as Denel, becoming part of Denel Aviation.[4]


Production aircraft[edit]

Atlas built and maintained a variety of aircraft:[1]

Atlas also assisted the South African Air Force to maintain its fleet of planes that had been purchased (mostly) prior to the onset of sanctions in the 1970s.

Prototypes and unbuilt aircraft[edit]

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