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Atomic Planet Entertainment Ltd
Video game developer
IndustryVideo games
FounderDarren and Jason Falcus

Atomic Planet Entertainment Ltd or Atomic Planet was a British video game developer founded in 2000 by Darren and Jason Falcus. Previously the brothers had managed Acclaim Studios Teesside, formerly Iguana UK and Optimus Software, which closed in 2002.

Atomic Planet Entertainment, commonly referred to as APE, used to be based in central Middlesbrough.


APE's first title was Dino Island for Orange mobile phone systems this was followed by Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing title for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, released in 2002. A series of titles for the Game Boy Advance system followed. The company progressed with a port of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for Capcom, and Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown for Cinemaware, both in 2003. In 2004 some staff numbers hit almost 70. Titles in development at this time included Jackie Chan Adventures on PS2 for Sony Europe, Miami Vice on PS2, Xbox and PC for Davilex, The Guy Game on PS2 for Take-Two Interactive, Gametrak: Dark Wind for In2Games, and the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on PS2, GameCube and Xbox. In 2005 Taito Legends was published by Empire Interactive, reworking some of Taito Corporation's video games classics for the current consoles. In 2006, Atomic Planet produced a number of titles for platforms for the Wii and DS, including Jenga, AMF Bowling Pinbusters, Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure and Arctic Tale.

In 2009, the company went into administration after a number of redundancies.[1]

Games developed[edit]


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