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Audience magazine is an American literary quarterly founded in June 2004 as an ezine. It first appeared in print in June, 2006 (and as an ezine). The editor-in-chief of Audience is M. Stefan Strozier and it is published by World Audience Publishers. Audience derives its name from a literary journal of the same name published (hardcover) in America in the 1970s, and edited by Geoffrey Ward and Robert Strozier.

The work of many noted writers and artists has been published by Audience, such as Hugh Fox, Lee Stringer, Chyna, Ernest Dempsey, M. Stefan Strozier, William Harwood, Mordecai Roshwald, Matthew Glenn Ward (Skive Magazine), Raymond Hammond (New York Quarterly), Hareendran Kallinkeel, Anthony Rubino, Jr., William Holder, Sergey Cherepakhin, Burton H. Wolfe, Frank Romano, Louis Phillips, Kyle Torke, as well as the work of emerging writers and artists.


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