Auke Adema

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Auke Adema
Adema (1941)
Personal information
Born (1907-10-04)October 4, 1907
Franeker, Netherlands
Died March 31, 1976(1976-03-31)
Berlikum, Netherlands
Country Netherlands
Sport Speed skating
Achievements and titles
Personal best(s) 1940 Elfstedentocht
1941 Elfstedentocht

Auke Adema (Franeker, 4 October 1907 – Berlikum, 31 March 1976) was a Dutch skater. He won the Elfstedentocht, the world's largest speed skating competition twice. In the sixth race in 1940 he controversially shared the victory with Durk van der Duim, Cor Jongert, Piet Keijzer and Sjouke Westra. In Dokkum they had made a conspiracy to cross the finish line together. This became known as the Pact of Dokkum. The practice of non competitive finishing was outlawed after this.[1] Adema won the seventh Elfstedentocht by himself on 6 February 1941 in a time of 9 hours 19 minutes, a race record. In the race he broke away from the pack with two others to have an early lead. However, when stopping to eat a sausage[2] with Joop Bosman at Workum, other skaters managed to get ahead, but Adema overtook and won by three minutes over Bosman.[3]


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