Australian ten-shilling note

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Ten shillings
Value ½ Australian pound
Width 137 mm
Height 76 mm
Security features Watermark
Paper type Cotton
Years of printing 1913-1966
AUS-3b-Commonwealth of Australia-10 Shillings (1918).jpg
Design Coat of arms of Australia (1908-12)
Designer ?
Design date 1913 Second issue (1918 note date)
AUS-3b-Commonwealth of Australia-10 Shillings (1918).jpg
Design Goulburn Weir
Designer ?
Design date 1913 Second issue (1918 note date)

The 10/- banknote was first issued on 1 May 1913 as a blue banknote payable in gold. It was equal to a half sovereign gold coin. The sizes varied but the design was the same for the following issues: 1913-1914 issue was 194×83mm, 1915-1923 197×88 mm, 1923-1933 180×78mm. This issue was payable in gold but subsequent issues were legal tender.

The 1913 note was the world's first officially issued ten-shilling note. The first note, serial number M000001, was printed by Judith Denman, five-year-old daughter of the Governor-General of Australia, Lord Denman.[1]

The last banknote issue had a print of 557,548,000 banknotes.[citation needed][dubious ]


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