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Awarded by Australia
Type Commendation
Eligibility Members of the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Defence Force Cadets.
Status Currently awarded

Australian Commendations are awards of recognition which applies to all Defence personnel. The Scheme provides a means to formally recognise outstanding/exceptional achievement, or specific acts of bravery for which awards from within the Australian Honours System are not an appropriate medium of recognition. The circumstances attracting the award of a commendation may relate to an isolated instance or to a series of instances over a period of time.

National Commendations[edit]

Australian Defence Force Commendations[edit]

  • Secretary/Chief of Defence Force Joint Commendation
  • Secretary of Defence Commendation
  • Chief of Defence Force Commendation
  • Defence Support Services Commendation (Gold, Silver & Bronze)
  • Australian Defence Force Commendation (Gold, Silver & Bronze)
  • Navy Commendation (Gold, Silver & Bronze)
  • Army Commendation (Gold, Silver & Bronze)
  • Air Force Commendation (Gold, Silver & Bronze)

Australian Defence Force Cadets Commendations[edit]

  • Director General Australian Navy Cadets Commendation
  • National Commander Australian Navy Cadets Commendation (Gold, Silver & Bronze)
  • Commander - Australian Army Cadets Commendation (Gold)
  • Deputy Commander - Australian Army Cadets Commendation (Silver)
  • Regional Commander - Australian Army Cadets Commendation (Bronze)
  • Director General Cadets - Air Force Commendation (Bronze)
  • Commander - Australian Air Force Cadets Commendation (Silver)


Commendations come in three grades (Gold, Silver & Bronze) of which Gold is the highest and Bronze is the lowest.

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