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Australian Egg Corporation
Agricultural corporation
Headquarters107 Mount Street, North Sydney, , Edit this on Wikidata

The Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) is the major marketer of eggs in Australia. It is a producer-owned corporation, representing approximately 400 commercial egg producers and is based in Sydney. The activities of AECL include marketing, research and development, and policy services. According to its website, it runs public awareness campaigns on animal welfare, nutrition, and vaccine development.[1] However, it has received criticism from animal welfare organisations for using these terms for promotional purposes.[2] The corporation is affiliated with the International Egg Commission (IEC).

The AECL was created by an act of federal parliament in 2002 as a statutory authority to replace the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, as the peak egg body in the country.

In September 2004, the corporation hosted the Annual Conference of the IEC in Sydney. It was awarded the International body's most prestigious prize, the Golden Egg Award. At the same presentation night, the Australian egg industry was judged as the best in the world by an international judging panel.[citation needed]

In July 2005, the corporation funded a trip for Brian Spotts of Colorado, to break the world record of standing eggs on end.[citation needed]

In 2013, consumer rights organisation Choice made a super-complaint against the AECL after it proposed to change the definition for free range eggs in Australia from 2000 hens per hectare to 10000 hens per hectare.[3] In 2014, the AECL was fined $30000 for faking an egg shortage during an oversupply to boost their profits.[4]

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