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Wine Australia (previously the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation or AWBC),[1] is an Australian Government authority that promotes and regulates the Australian wine industry. It was created in 1981 to replace the Australian Wine Board after the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Act 1980, now the Wine Australia Corporation Act 1980 was passed. Wine Australia determines the boundaries of Australia's wine regions and sometimes names them. Wine Australia supports a prosperous Australian grape and wine community by investing in research and development (R&D), building the international and domestic markets, disseminating knowledge, encouraging adoption and protecting the reputation of Australian wine. Wine Australia is funded by grape growers and winemakers through levies and user-pays charges and the Australian Government, which provides matching funding for research, development and extension investments. Wine Australia is the trading name of the Australian Grape and Wine Authority, a Commonwealth statutory authority established under the Australian Grape and Wine Authority Act 2013.

Wine Australia has its headquarters in Adelaide.[2]


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