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Vubiquity, Inc.
Private company
Founded 2009
Headquarters Reston, Virginia
Key people
Darcy Antonellis, CEO; Doug Sylvester, President; William G. Arendt, CFO
Products Video on demand, multiplatform video services, linear content delivery, TV Everywhere, advanced advertising, data services

Vubiquity, Inc. provides technology-based solutions[clarification needed] that facilitate content monetization for the entertainment and media industries. The company offers managed services for linear and on-demand viewing that support rental, sell-through, ad-supported and subscription business models. Vubiquity manages more than 28,000 hours of content monthly from over 460 content providers and reaches over 100 million households through 550 service providers. Vubiquity's services, including video on demand (VOD), multiplatform, advanced advertising, creative services and data analytics, are available in 37 countries and 15 languages.[1]


Avail-TVN logo

In 2009, Avail Media (an IPTV provider) and TVN Entertainment Corporation merged to create Avail-TVN. In May 2010, the company announced that it would add support for 3D television to its roster of services.[2] The company’s 3D on-demand offering works with operators' existing infrastructure and will work with existing set-top boxes after minor software updates.

In September 2010, Avail-TVN was listed as part of the Inc. 500/5000.[3] The company ranked number 1833 overall, and number 24 among media companies.[4] In November 2012, Avail-TVN placed 6th on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 and earned the top spot among media and entertainment companies. The company earned its place in the top 10 with 38,479 percent growth from 2007 to 2011. .[5]

In May 2012, Avail-TVN announced that it had raised $100 million of financing, led by the Carlyle Group, to fund global expansion and domestic service development, and had acquired UK-based On Demand Group, which continued to operate under its own name.[6]

In March 2013, Avail-TVN and On Demand Group re-branded as a single entity, Vubiquity.[7]



Vubiquity’s services, including aggregation, localization and compliance, metadata creation, encoding, distribution, asset management, delivery and marketing support, help video service providers and premium content owners to monetize content through advertising, transaction or subscription.

Thefirm works with nearly 350 global programmers, offering movies from every major studio, mini-majors, independents and local-language movie distributors, as well as shows from the major broadcast and cable networks in the US and beyond. [8]


The firm's support for multiplatform viewing (also known as TV Everywhere) includes authenticating and authorizing subscribers to connect their devices to the federated sites of affiliated network content providers. Its AnyVU authentication service provides fraud detection and notification, monitoring and reporting, ABR encoding, profile management and scale-out caching to handle "flash crowds" for live events and high-access content.[9]

Its ViewNow SVOD package provides a library of thousands of movies that can be distributed to multiple platforms. The product manages the complex business rules associated with multiplatform content including those that govern subscriber account attributes, viewing devices, viewing rules, and content security. ViewNow customers include Redbox Instant, AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOS.[10]

Advanced advertising[edit]

Vubiquity’s advanced advertising services enable content owners and their affiliates to improve VOD monetization for advertising-supported content by streamlining the management of advertising assets for C3 (the industry-standard measure of commercials viewed during a live broadcast and for three days afterward) and dynamic ad insertion (DAI). In 2012, Vubiquity launched the industry’s first advanced advertising insertion and marking service (AdVU Marking) for C3 and DAI. Previously, C3 VOD assets had to be deleted from the server at the end of their window and replaced with a new copy that either had new ads or none at all. This required a second round of editing, processing and distribution of the program.

The firm's advanced advertising service captures the live network feed, performs editing of the tip and tail of the program, encodes the asset into numerous formats while retaining the Nielsen watermark, performs quality control and analysis, and simultaneously applies the advertising insertion marks into the asset, all within a six-hour window. At the end of the C3 window, known as Day 4 (D4), existing ads can be removed and new ads can be dynamically inserted.[11]

Creative services[edit]

Vubiquity Creative Services supports customers in marketing content by offering production services for cross channel and other promotions .With facilities in Los Angeles and London, Vubiquity creative services include on-screen TV and mobile brand development, branding, brand animation, on-screen graphics and barker production for 15 languages.[12]

Data analytics[edit]

The firm's data analytics offers business intelligence solutions that provide insights for service providers into viewing behaviors and preferences. [13]

Global capabilities[edit]

Vubiquity works with operators in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America across TV, PC, mobile and tablet devices. The company provides content and metadata creation and management available for over 100,000 titles in 15 languages. Vubiquity services include compliance and localization to ensure that content distributed across multiple territories complies with local regulations.


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