Ayşedeniz Gökçin

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AyseDeniz Gokcin
Native name Ayşedeniz Gökçin
Instruments Piano
Website www.adpianist.com

Ayşedeniz Gökçin (Anglicised as "AyseDeniz Gokcin") is a Turkish classical pianist who was [1] born in 1988.

After graduating in 2009 with a bachelor's degree from Eastman School of Music,[2] Gökçin completed a master's degree at the Royal Academy of Music in 2011.[1][3]

She is known for recording an EP of her arrangements for solo piano of the music of the rock band Pink Floyd in the style of Franz Liszt, Pink Floyd Lisztified.[1] The EP comprises three tracks, which, she says, form a fantasia. These are:

  1. "Hey You"
  2. "Wish You Were Here"
  3. "Another Brick in the Wall"

The first and third being from the 1979 album The Wall, the middle one the eponymous 1975 Wish You Were Here.[4]

Gökçin describes her arrangement of Another Brick... as being inspired by Liszt's 'Dante Sonata'.[5]

She has also recorded an album of reworkings of the music of Ástor Piazzolla.[6]

Her latest album, launched in November 2015, is The Nirvana Project, a virtuoso piano re-working of famous Nirvana (band) songs, in collaboration with Bulgarian DJ Ivan Shopov.[7]


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