Azadi Cinema Complex

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Azadi Cinema Complex
Azadi Cinema.jpg
General information
Status Complete
Type Cinema
Location Iran Tehran, Iran
Opening 1969, 2008
Roof 60 m (200 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 10
Floor area 850 m2 (9,100 sq ft)

Azadi Cinema Complex is a cineplex building located at Beheshti Street in Tehran. It serves for movie premieres and various entertainment events.


The cinema was inaugurated on 23 April 1969 as "Shahre Farang Cinema" by Rohani Saheban brothers but later renamed as "Azadi Cinema" in 1980. It had two screens. The building caught fire on numerous occasions in 1976, 1990 and on 18 April 1997 at 13:50 which caused its closure.

It was later demolished to construct a new cineplex which opened in 2008. Now Azadi Cinema Complex has five screens, one with 600 seats and others with 200 each one.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 35°43′41″N 51°24′58″E / 35.72806°N 51.41611°E / 35.72806; 51.41611