Azam Taleghani

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Azam Taleghani
Azam Taleghani.jpg
Member of the Parliament of Iran
In office
28 May 1980 – 28 May 1984
ConstituencyTehran, Rey and Shemiranat
Majority1,108,653 (51.9%)
Personal details
Tehran, Iran
Died30 October 2019(2019-10-30) (aged 75–76)
Tehran, Iran
Political partyWomen Association of Islamic Revolution[1]
Other political
Council of Nationalist-Religious Activists of Iran
ChildrenMorteza Eghtesad (died 2017)
FatherMahmoud Taleghani
RelativesVahideh Taleghani (sister)

Azam Taleghani (Persian: اعظم طالقانی‎; 1943 – 30 October 2019) was an Iranian politician and journalist who was the head of the Society of Islamic Revolution Women of Iran,[2] editor of Payam Hajar Weekly, and a member of the Iranian parliament.[3]

Born in Iran, Taleghani was the daughter of Ayatollah Mahmoud Taleghani. She served time in prison during the Pahlavi regime.[4] After the Iranian Revolution she was a member of the Iranian parliament, founded "Jame'e Zanan Mosalman" (Society of Muslim women), and published Payam e Hajar Weekly, an Islamic journal about women and women's rights.[3] In 2003 she protested against the death of Zahra Kazemi.[2][5] Both in 2001 and 2009, Taleghani submitted her candidacy for Iran's presidential elections, but, like all women's candidacies, her candidacy was rejected by Iran's Guardian Council .[6][7]

Her political ideals espoused a "progressive brand of revolutionary Islamism."[8]

Electoral history[edit]

Year Election Votes % Rank Notes
1979 Assembly of Experts 132,430 5.24 17th Lost[9]
1980 Parliament 1,108,653 51.9 16th Won[10]
1997 President N/A Disqualified[11]
1999 City Council of Tehran Disqualified[11]
2001 President Disqualified[12]
2005 President Disqualified[11]
2009 President Disqualified[13]
2017 President Disqualified[13]


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