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Azusa Noah (野阿 梓 Noa Azusa?, born 1954) is a Japanese science fiction writer and esthetique Yaoi novelist.[1][2]


  • He writes his name as Noah in Latin letters.[2][3]
  • Noah was born in Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. He is a son of Japanese mystery writer Eitarō Ishizawa (石沢英太郎, 1916–1988).
  • Noah graduated from the Department of Literature of Seinan Gakuin University in 1979. He won the Prize, First rank, in 5th Hayakawa SF Contest by his virgin short story Hana Kariudo (花狩人, The Flower Hunter) in the same year. Noah debuted by this story, which was published in SF Magazine, in 1979.[1][2]
  • His works are characterized by the esthetic style and have inclination to shōnen-ai situations and world. Thus, esthetic Yaoi writer Shikiko Yamaai is his friend. Under the influence of Yamaai and other Yaoi writers, Noah began criticisms of Yaoi and Yaoi stories in 1992.[1][2]


Titles with plus symbol (+) are hard-bound book. Titles with asterisk (*) are Bunko-bon.[2][4]


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