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Böse Buben (German for Bad Boys) is the name of an association and club of adult gay men in Berlin, Germany, who are interested in SM, especially in flagellation (mostly spanking/caning). Böse Buben is a non-profit organization with the "intention to be a counterbalance to the commercialized scene".[1]


In 2010, Böse Buben is the leading club in Germany for all varieties of flagellation and one of the greatest in continental Europe. People not only from Germany but from other European countries are visiting.[1] Usually five times a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday).[2]

For nearly 14 years Böse Buben resided in rooms for their own in Neukölln before in mid-2010 the club changed to Sachsendamm 76–77 in Schöneberg.[3]

Böse Buben is participating in the project "safety4free" of manCheck Berlin.[4]


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