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"BE" (Original Stage Production)
Live album by Pain of Salvation
Released April 26, 2005
Recorded Lokomotivet; Eskilstuna, Sweden, September 12, 2003
Genre Progressive metal
Length DVD: 78:49
CD: 69:39
Label InsideOut Music
Producer Jonas Burman (SMT), Daniel Gildenlöw
Pain of Salvation chronology
"BE" (Original Stage Production)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]

"BE" (Original Stage Production) is Swedish progressive metal band Pain of Salvation's first live DVD (and second live CD), documenting one of the performances of their 2004 album BE in its entirety in Eskilstuna, Sweden on September 12, 2003. In contrast to the studio album, The Orchestra of Eternity (a nine-piece orchestra accompanying the band) are given credit on the front cover of the album (though they weren't shown on the initial promo release).

Track listing[edit]

All music by Daniel Gildenlöw, except "Iter Impius" by Fredrik Hermansson.

  1. "Animae Partus"
  2. "Deus Nova"
  3. "Imago"
  4. "Pluvius Aestivus"
  5. "Lilium Cruentus"
  6. "Nauticus"
  7. "Dea Pecuniae"
  8. "Vocari Dei"
  9. "Diffidentia"
  10. "Nihil Morari"
  11. "Latericius Valete"
  12. "Omni"
  13. "Iter Impius"
  14. "Martius/Nauticus II"
  15. "Animae Partus II"

Concept, research, original stories, lyrics, narrations and texts by Daniel Gildenlöw.

All orchestral arrangements by Daniel Gildenlöw, except "Iter Impius" by Fredrik Hermansson and "Imago" by Jan Levander and Daniel Gildenlöw.

The track listing is identical for both the CD and DVD, which are in turn, identical to the studio release of "BE" (refer to the studio version article for a more detailed Track listing).


The Orchestra of Eternity
  • Mihai Cucu – 1st violin
  • Camilla Arvidsson – 2nd violin
  • Kristina Ekman – viola
  • Magnus Lanning – cello
  • Åsa Karlberg – flute
  • Anette Kumlin – oboe
  • Nils-Åke Pettersson – clarinet
  • Dries van den Poel – bass clarinet
  • Sven-Oloe Juvas – tuba
Backtrack musicians
  • Daniel Gildenlöw – harmony vocals, choirs, guitars, keyboards, samplers, Chinese archo
  • Mats Stenlund – church organ
  • Cecilia Ringkvist – vocals
  • Donald Morgan – narration
  • Donald K. Morgan – narration
  • Alex R. Morgan – narration
  • Kim Howatt – news reading, Cindy (Sandra!)
  • Jim Howatt – news reading
  • Blair Wilson – Miss Mediocrity
  • Gaby Howatt – Miss Mediocrity
  • Various people from around the world – voice messages to God


^ Discussed between Daniel Gildenlöw and Fredrik Hermansson on the audio commentary on the DVD


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