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BTK may refer to:




  • Birth Thru Knowledge, a Canadian hip-hop/rock band best known for the 1998 single "Peppyrock"
  • "Bind Torture Kill", a song by the band Suffocation on its self-titled album
  • Bind, Torture, Kill, an album by the band Suicide Commando
  • Doom Metal band Church of Misery, released a track called "B.T.K" about Rader on their album Thy Kingdom Scum
  • Thrash Metal band Exodus, released a track called "BTK"


  • Dennis Rader (born 1945), American serial killer, also known as "BTK killer" or "BTK strangler", which stands for "Bind Torture Kill"


  • Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway
  • The Kaiser-Fleetwings XBTK, a dive and torpedo bomber developed for the United States Navy from 1944 to 1946
  • Pillars of Truth (Boutokaan Te Koaua), a political party in Kiribati
  • Blonder Tinkham Klapwijk, the 3 physicists who wrote a theory to describe electrical transport across an interface between a non-superconducting metal and a superconducting one, based on the concept of Andreev reflection

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