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For the surname 'Ba', see Ba (surname).
For other uses, see BA (disambiguation).

Ba is a given name shared by several notable people. Considered here is the 'Ba' given name prevalent in Myanmar of the 20th Century, as well as the ancient Chinese given names , , and (traditional Chinese in each case) which are both translated as the English 'Ba'.


Given name instances[edit]

Representative (not comprehensive) biographical instances are included below.

Born after 100
  • China: Liu Ba劉巴 (186–222)
  • China: Zang Ba臧霸 (flourished c.200)
  • China: Xiahou Ba夏侯霸 (flourished 220-240; died c.258)
Born after 300
  • China: Feng Ba馮跋 (died 430)
Born after 1800
  • Myanmar: U Ba U (1887–1963)
Born after 1900


  • China: Ba Jin (born 'Li Yaotang' 1904–2005)
  • Vietnam: Ba Cụt (born 'Le Quang Vinh', died 1956)

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Hong Kong manhua: Hung Ba ← 雄霸 (debut 1989)