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Babik Reinhardt (8 June 1944, Paris – 13 November 2001, Grasse) was one of Django Reinhardt's sons, and a guitarist himself. He did not learn the guitar directly from Django, who wanted him to learn the piano instead, but from various other family members.

He was involved in the Manouche jazz scene all his life, frequently appearing at the Samois-sur-Seine festival, but did not strictly adhere to the style in his playing, preferring a jazz-fusion sound.

One son, David, is a guitarist and leader of the David Reinhardt Trio. Another son, Markus is a gypsy violinist.

Reinhardt's first name was also the inspiration for the Buffalo, NY based Manouche jazz quartet "Babik," who have released two CDs, Pronounced: Bah-beek (2006), and American Gypsy (2008).


Discography as a leader[edit]

  • 1994 Babik Reinhardt Live
  • 2000 Nuances

Discography as a guest performer[edit]


  • 2005 Django: A Jazz Tribute" Starring Bireli Lagrene and Babik Reinhardt