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The Baby-Brousse is a Citroën 2CV based buggy. The car is like a metal-bodied Citroën Méhari and is similar in concept to the French Citroën FAF. The vehicle was a success with more than 31,000 being built from 1963 to 1987.[1] The entire body was made of folded sheet steel with the other parts being bolted together,[2][3] with no welding.


The Baby-Brousse was originally conceived in 1963 by two Frenchmen, Mr. Letoquin and Mr. Lechanteurin that owned les Ateliers et Forges de l’Ebrié, a company in Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast.[3]

Sales figures[edit]

  • Baby Brousse in Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)(1963–1979) 31,305 built.[citation needed]

Badge engineered Baby Brousses had many names in many places:[citation needed]

  • Dalat in Vietnam (1969–1975) 5,000 examples.
  • Mehari in Iran (1970–1979) and in Sénégal (1979–1983)
  • Yagán in Chile (1972–1976) 651 examples.
  • Pony in Thessalonika, Greece, built by Namco with Dyane 6 components in a specifically built factory. These had better build quality and equipment than others. 17,000 examples were built.[3]


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