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A Backyard ultra is a form of ultramarathon. The race is started at a fixed time and the competitors must run the distance 6706 meters (4.167 miles) in less than one hour. When they have finished this distance the remaining time up to one hour after the start the competitors typically spend recovering. Exactly one hour after the first start the competitors again start running the same distance and they have to complete the distance within one hour. This is repeated hour after hour and the race ends when the last runner(s) either give up or does not finish the distance within one hour.[1][2]

The distance the runners race each hour is set at miles, which equals 6705,6 meters which is then rounded up to 6706 meters, making the distance run by a competitor who completes 24 laps exactly 100 miles. Backyard ultra races can be held on either on a loop measuring 6706 meters or on a 400-meter track.[3]

If two or more runners finish the race with the same number of laps completed the competitor with a faster last lap wins over the competitor with a slower last lap.

The longest distance recorded by a competitor in a Backyard ultra event is 68 laps by Johan Steene at Big Dog Backyard Ultra in 2018. The longest distance recorded by a female competitor in a Backyard ultra event is 67 laps by Courtney Dauwalter at Big Dog Backyard Ultra in 2018.

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