Bahtoo Stadium

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Bahtoo Memorial Stadium
Bahtoo Stadium.JPG
Location Mandalay, Myanmar
Coordinates 21°59′00″N 96°6′00″E / 21.98333°N 96.10000°E / 21.98333; 96.10000Coordinates: 21°59′00″N 96°6′00″E / 21.98333°N 96.10000°E / 21.98333; 96.10000
Operator Yadanarbon FC
Capacity 17,000[1]
Surface Grass
Yadanabon FC

Bahtoo Memorial Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium, located in downtown Mandalay, Myanmar.[1] Its address is the corner of 71sr st and 30th st beside of the Bahtoo Sport Centre.The 17,000 seat stadium was the largest stadium in Upper Myanmar before the construction of the Mandalarthiri Stadium and the home stadium of Yadanabon FC of the Myanmar National League (MNL).

Bahtoo Stadium also hosts other local and regional football tournaments. It was the venue for the 2006 Myanmar Grand Royal Challenge Cup, an international football tournament.[2]

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