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Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Hemichordata
Class: Enteropneusta
Order: Enteropneusta (order)
Family: Ptychoderidae
Genus: Balanoglossus
Delle Chiaje, 1829

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Balanoglossus is an ocean-dwelling acorn worm (Enteropneusta) genus of great zoological interest because, being a Hemichordate, it is an "evolutionary link" between invertebrates and vertebrates. Balanoglossus is a deuterostome, and resembles the Ascidians or sea squirts, in that it possesses branchial openings, or "gill slits".It has notochord in the upper part of the body and has no nerve chord. It does have a stomochord, however, which is gut chord within the collar. Their heads may be as small as 2.5 mm (1/10 in) or as large as 5 mm (1/5 in).


The World Register of Marine Species lists the following species: [1]


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