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Ballan Inglis St 001.JPG
Inglis Street, the main street
Ballan is located in Shire of Moorabool
Coordinates37°36′S 144°15′E / 37.600°S 144.250°E / -37.600; 144.250Coordinates: 37°36′S 144°15′E / 37.600°S 144.250°E / -37.600; 144.250
Population2,985 (2016 census)[1]
Elevation442 m (1,450 ft)
LGA(s)Shire of Moorabool
State electorate(s)Buninyong
Federal Division(s)Ballarat
Localities around Ballan:
Bunding Colbrook Dales Creek
Gordon Ballan Myrniong
Mount Egerton
Fiskville Ingliston

Ballan /bəˈlæn/ (About this soundlisten)[2] is a small town in the state of Victoria, Australia located on the Werribee River, 78 kilometres (48 mi) northwest of Melbourne. At the 2016 census, Ballan had a population of 2,985.[1]

It is the main administrative centre for the Shire of Moorabool local government area.[3]

During the Victorian Gold Rush, it became an important staging point for coaches travelling to the Ballarat goldfields.


The area around Ballan was part of the tribal area of the Wautharong people, part of the Kulin nation.[citation needed] The area was rich in fauna, including kangaroo, kangaroo rats, bandicoots, dingos, and two species of native cat.[citation needed] Many species had vanished by the end of the 19th century, with European settlement.[citation needed]

The first European settlers crossed Bass Strait landing near Geelong and worked their way up the Moorabool River with their sheep flocks.[4] Robert von Steiglitz first settled the area in 1838; he named the area after Ballan in Ireland.[5] Other early settler names included Cowie, Stead, Wallace and Egerton.

There were clashes between indigenous Australians and white settlers during settlement. Robert von Steiglitz stated in his journal

"… it may be questioned by some feather-bed philanthropist whether we had the right to take the country from the blacks but I believe the general rule is that if people cultivate or graze the land they have a claim to it. These creatures did neither …".[6]

Gold was found in the area in 1851, which brought an influx of prospectors during the Victorian Gold Rush. The Ballan Hotel dates from the gold rush period in 1851. The town became an important staging point for coaches travelling to the Ballarat goldfields. The post office in the township opened around September 1853, although two earlier offices in the area were named Ballan.[7]

Ballan Primary School was established on 8 January 1855.[8]

The first Mechanics' Institute in Ballan was built in 1861, with the current Mechanics' Institute built on land purchased in 1881, although the façade was demolished and rebuilt in 1922. The building houses the library for the town and a hall.[9]

St Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Ballan was officially opened in July 1866.[4]

On 15 November 2003, a Sprinter train travelling to Ballarat was derailed between Ballan and Gordon, injuring 61 people when it hit a stationary vehicle on a country railway crossing.[10]

Health service[edit]

  • Ballan District Health & Care: Located at 33 Cowie Street, Ballan District Health & Care is a community-owned,[11] registered charity,[12] with 170+ staff members and 70+ volunteers, providing healthcare and wellbeing services for Ballan and surrounding districts.


The Western Freeway bypasses the town, but is located nearby and connects Ballan to Melbourne in the east and Ballarat to the west. The main road into town, the Old Melbourne Road (Old Inglis Street), is also the main street. Another main road is the Geelong Ballan Road, which connects Ballan to Geelong.

Ballan railway station is serviced by regular fast regional Ballarat V/Line rail service VLocity approximately hourly with a 55-59 minute journey to the state's regional railway hub Southern Cross station in Melbourne - or 20-25 minute journey to Ballarat. Being on the Serviceton line trains stopping at the station give Ballan access via Ballarat to regional services including the Ararat V/Line rail service, the Mildura line as far as Maryborough and connecting bus services. The town centre is only a three-block walk from the station.

VLine coaches also regularly stop in Ballan en route from Ballarat to Melbourne, and shuttle buses run from the post office to Tullamarine Airport.[13] Ballan Bus Lines also runs a weekday bus service to Daylesford.[14]

The local taxi service is based in Melton.


The town has an Australian rules football team competing in the Central Highlands Football League.[15]

Ballan Brumbies Basketball Club was founded in 2017, playing in the Ballarat Basketball Association competitions. As of March 2018, the club fielded men's & ladies' senior teams, as well as 11 junior teams. The club's colours are white, royal blue & gold.

The Ballan Cricket Club currently has 2 Senior and 3 Junior teams competing in the Ballarat Cricket Association. The seniors in BCA 2nd grade & One day C grade whilst the Juniors are U12 in the MJCA, U13 & U16 with the BCA. The club has been back with the BCA since the 2005/06 season after 14 years in the Daylesford & District Cricket Association.

The Ballan Bowling Club currently fields three pennant teams in the Ballarat District Bowls Division.[16]

Golfers play at the Ballan Golf Club on Blow Court.[17]

Ballan Football Club is currently involved in the Central Highlands football netball league. They offer a chance for both junior footballers and netballers to play, as well as 2 senior football and 3 senior netball teams.

Festivals and attractions[edit]

Ballan Autumn Festival Light Horse re-enactors

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